Alumni Panel Discussion

SAGA Meet and Greet

SAGA’s Guest Speaker- Terri Trespicio

TEDx speaker Terri Trespicio live streamed with SAGA to share valuable information about the myth of finding your passion and what to really do when looking for a job. We are very lucky to have been able to talk with Terri.

Missed the lecture? Watch the full presentation on our Youtube page!

SAGA’s Guest Speaker 2 - Agustin Garza

SAGA’s Guest Speaker Series - Ed Fella

It was an honor to have design legend Ed Fella! We all learned a little something and grew a little wiser.

Thank for everyone that came.

SAGA’s Meet and Greet Spring 15

We had a blast at Meet and Greet! Info was passed, trivia was given, and prizes were won!

We welcome our new members and hope to have an epic semester!

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